Talking to the deaf

An article from the Ovi magazine

It has been a long time since I wrote anything about Iran and that’s not because we are lacking news from Teheran or quotes from its president but because the man so often crosses the line so much that I’m speechless and cannot think of anything to write except… Man, shut your mouth, you are dangerous! The problem is that when I think of that I then read the new threats by an American politician and that makes me think that this is a totally idiotic situation.
When Ahmadinejad, Iran’s puppet president, demands the destruction of Israel you think that the man is not only an idiot but a dangerous idiot, but what can you call the US presidency hopeful Hillary Clinton when she’s warning that if Iran continues with nuclear plants she will bomb the country; she will start another war in the area? You might say that Hillary says things like this for internal use trying to attract voters who want a US international supreme police, judge and executioner. Yet, then again, how many of these people can drive a foreign policy by threatening a war that will definitely push the Middle East even further into the dark? How strong these few voters are? And if there are so many to influence foreign policy then Obama has bigger problem than he thought!

My position for this issue has been very clear from the very beginning. I’m strongly against using nuclear power for energy and that is not because I’m blinded by the dark side of the nuclear power; I have the logic to understand the need of energy in the modern world and I do understand that nuclear is one option but I’m against the use of it because there are three unsolved factors. First of all the cost is not lower, especially now we are talking about new generation nuclear plants. When governments talk about cheaper energy they mean the cost of energy after the plant is fully working but nuclear plants don’t just grow in the field one spring day, they need a huge amount of money and effort to be built and naturally all the costs lay on the consumers in the end. The use of electricity hasn’t become cheaper in Finland because there are four nuclear plants and definitely will not become cheaper after building the fifth and sixth.

The second worrying factor is the nuclear waste. Most of the countries that use nuclear power for energy have problems with nuclear waste and after poisoning oceans and African countries now they have to store this waste in their own country without been able to calculate the damage they do. Finland is using an old cave to store the nuclear waste in north western Finland but the damage which most of the scientists describe it is to be seen after two or three generations. To understand how dangerous that is you just need to look the mistakes two or three generations did in the last decades and the damage they have done to the earth today. How different things would have been if back in sixties and seventies we had done some simple things to protect environment, things we were aware back then anyway. How different would have been for metropolis like Los Angeles, London, Tokyo or even Athens cities that have become environmental monsters with their pollution and citizens with constant asthma problems.

And then it is the third factor, the human factor! All the accidents happened in nuclear plants from the Three Miles Island to Chernobyl a human error was what started the disaster and whatever they do, however much robotics develop, concrete on the cell becomes stronger and heavy water purer a human will press the right or the …wrong button in the end. Please don’t tell me that the people who work in these places are experts and fully aware of their work because the same responsible experts a few years ago sent the Challenger spacecraft to death by using cheaper material due to budgets and costs; and I’m taking the official excuse avoiding all the theories for enriching bank accounts and corrupted directors. The human error can happen in any level of the nuclear reactor and the result …well nobody knows for how long the area and the people who lived around Chernobyl when the accident happened will have to deal with and pay the cost often with their own lives. Sorry for been dramatic or cynic but nobody knows how many generations, especially young kids will have to deal with leukaemia because of a …human error.

This has nothing to do with Iranians capability to handle a project like a nuclear plant, first of all if you check all the scientific centres you will be surprised how many Iranian scientists you will find and Three Miles Island was not in Teheran or in any Third World country!

But human error is the choice to turn an otherwise for peaceful use nuclear reactor into a nuclear bomb – this is not literal but I know you understand what you mean. I do understand the logic behind this balance of horror, actually my generation in Europe lived it, and we were learning naively how to cover ourselves behind concrete walls in a case of nuclear war like there was any chance to be saved from the invisible power. And it did work but why do we have to continue a mistake just because it didn’t prove lethal the first and the second time? It needs only one time to destroy us all and there is no trial period in that.

The US and Russia are not the only ones living in this balance of terror, Pakistan and India do the same, Pakistan a country proved corrupt at every level from the ones we call terrorists, the Taliban. But then neither the Indians who have nuclear bombs nor the Pakistani people are worrying. Neither leader ever said that they are planning to eliminate the other country and both even in the worst of times when there were minor conflicts in Nepal tried to find ways through diplomacy.

Ahmadinejad on his side has called provocatively for the elimination of Israel; he has used the most prejudice often racist language for the people who are his neighbours damaging in the end every single right the Palestinians might have in their conflict with Israel since they are Ahmadinejad’s excuse to show his haters against Israel. The people who ruling Iran are dangerous and they are in an dangerous are where people blinded of their cause can become suicide bombers without caring how many innocent they are going to take with them. This is the human element that makes Iran a dangerous country to have a nuclear plant and in extent the ability to have nuclear weapons, the word weapons of mash distraction takes a different meaning in the hands of the Iranian cleric dictators and fanatics.

And when you feel that you made your argument and that there was logic in it Hillary comes and threatens with a war and you feel like talking to deaf for so long!


By example

An article from the original Finland’s Ovi magazine

It sounds ironic that Syria is building a nuclear reactor, especially after finding out that North Korea is helping them. It’s coming as a bigger irony if you remember all the fuss about Saddam’s nuclear reactor and the WMD and the continuation with Iran and its cleric dictators. After literally screwing Iraq, this American administration had to compromise on many levels with North Korea to find out in the end that they are selling nuclear knowledge to anybody who will declare anti-American feelings and be willing to pay the high cost of the work to be done. However, more and more countries are trying to get nuclear knowledge with doubtful aims – I’m not saying that Syria is trying to create nuclear missiles, but, then again, can you trust them?

But, who can you trust? Look what happens in general with all these WMD, there are whole groups of really highly-educated scientists working in multi-billion laboratories to discover and produce new viruses that kill humans instead of putting all this effort and money into discovering vaccines and cures for viruses that already exist and kill thousands year after year. Why would they stop in front of creating another bomb?

I grew up in the ’60s when naively they were teaching us at schools how to ‘duck and cover’ in a case of a nuclear war, as if you had any chance of survival hiding behind a concrete wall; we were acting just like the ostrich that buries her head in the sand, and I feel that nothing has changed today. During that period we were all balancing dangerously on the horror of who may pull the trigger first and we are doing exactly the same today with only one difference.

Back then there were only two players, now there are tens with some independents fooling around as well. Syria and Iran don’t do anything different to what this American administration was trying to do by putting missiles around Russia. A Russia that wants to solve too many problems before starting playing war games again and it may sound very simplistic but this is a golden chance to stop all these dangerous games.

I do understand the connection between war and economics and I do sense the games behind the oil prices but obviously some don’t see the reality. The reality has people forced into rebelling violently because they cannot get the basics anymore, because while we are talking about missile umbrellas there are people who can’t afford a plate of rice and they start looting markets to survive. Over the last few months, incidents such as those in Russia are appearing more on the news. So instead of trying to help the 85% unemployed Palestinians, the hopeless people of Zimbabwe and the starving people of Argentina we talk about the danger of Syria building a nuclear reactor and its future possibility of creating nuclear bombs.

How long will it take for us to learn that humanity lives by example? With nearly 3.5 million homeless, nearly 1% of the population and 40% of them children, the only thing we hear from George W. Bush’s administration is more money for security, more money for a still unexplained invasion, more money for a continuing and unexcused occupation. When George W. Bush is talking about democracy while drinking with the Pakistani dictator Musharraf and when laboratories in USA are doing research for more lethal viruses in a case somebody else finds them first, when every American administration the last thirty years covers Israel for having all kind of WMD, including nuclear bombs, why should North Korea and Syria act differently? The USA shows every understanding when Turkey is talking about a nuclear reactor but they have none for the neighboring Syria?

Actually, all these things make you feel really stupid; it is as though every American administration wishes for Syria to create a nuclear bomb so they have a good excuse for more money from Congress to create more powerful and better bombs, more viruses and more destruction. Syria has a dictatorship, not much different from Pakistan, yet Musharraf is a good guy and Asad is a bad guy. However, having seen what each of them did for their country Bashar al-Asad has been a much better Syrian than Musharraf will ever be a good Pakistani.

Syria has every right in energy and producing energy, just like Pakistan with its nuclear reactors and just like Iran and its nuclear reactors. If, in the end, they are going to use them to create nuclear bombs it’s like everybody else, in this balance of horror Pakistan needs nuclear bombs for India, North Korea for South Korea, USA for Russia and Syria with Iran for Israel, which apparently already has one.

Unfortunately for all of them there is one enemy they cannot vanquish with nuclear bombs, it is the starving people who have already started rebelling and when the 3.5 million will be 5 million then they will start rebelling inside the USA also!

Ms. Kern’s right and paid sex

An article from Ovi magazine

Two US officials came to the centre of the news last week each for very different reasons. One is resigning, perhaps facing legal implications, and the other enjoys full protection from the party she represents and local authorities; what were the charges? One had sex with a prostitute and the other was openly racist, guess which is which!

Eliot Spitzer, who will step down as New York’s governor, was found …associating – I have to admit that I love words like that, especially in cases like this – with a prostitute using the services of a certain office often. The very same governor was elected by flagging his fight against …prostitution. I totally agree with his resignation and I totally agree with the man having to deal with a court room and charges. My agreement has nothing to do with using a prostitute and paid sex, I think that is something he and his wife have to deal with, but – I’m sorry for my cynicism – he’s obviously missing something in his life by looking for it somewhere else, preferring to pay instead of having a mistress… something that might have endangered his marriage even more.

My problem is not there, my problem is that a man of his authority, who has obviously spent a long time researching prostitution, may have used this to find the office and may have used his influence to get what he wanted. The man was the Governor of New York and former star prosecutor having prostitution as his main target, so he knew. He knew not only what he needed to know, but also knew everything, which means that he was keeping secrets and, in extent, that he was covering up and that only leads one to corruption! It sounds hard and heavy but it is true and I’m happy justice has found its way to him and obviously he is going to be punished in many ways, including the end of a promising career and most likely the end of his family.

However, let’s move to the next incident. State Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, Republican member of the Oklahoma Legislature, has said that “the homosexual agenda is just destroying this nation” and poses a bigger threat to the U.S. than terrorism, “According to God’s word, that is not the right kind of lifestyle.” Any comment?

What this woman, who apparently has served as a teacher in the past, said is beyond any comment and the words ‘racist’ and ‘prejudice’ sound too small to cover what she announced to the public. It was not enough; the case has gone far further. The local Republicans covered the lady by declaring openly their full support and finding any suggestion for her resignation inappropriate. Inappropriate it is that they haven’t resigned all of them from any official position, inappropriate that they haven’t publicly apologized for even thinking to agree with comments like that, inappropriate that they dare to even argue. Please this has nothing to do with freedom of speech. I’m tired of all these years listening to Nazis and racists preaching about freedom of speech, calling for their right to say and believe what they want. I’m sick and tired of them!

Ms. Sally Kern should resign her public office immediately; she should publicly apologize for every single word she said and the state based on a constitution that guarantees equality to every citizen and protection of racists and prejudice like her should take her to the court and punish her by example stripping her of every right to ask for office again. In Iran they are executing gays, is this future we want, is this the democracy we are all standing for?

Comparing the two cases I have to admit that my first reaction to Mr. Eliot Spitzer’s case was a smile and later thinking seriously about it I started getting a bit upset, but reading Ms. Sally Kern’s comments I felt really angry from the very first moment and the anger is building up more and more. Hitler actually sent homosexuals to Dachau and the gas chambers and, just like Ms. Sally Kern, he thought they were …not right. I suppose for Ms. Sally Kern having long hair is not right, smoking or piercing your ear and I’m sure she would never vote for Mr. Obama, not because he is a Democrat, but for the obviously not right reasons.