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An article from the original Finland’s Ovi magazine

It sounds ironic that Syria is building a nuclear reactor, especially after finding out that North Korea is helping them. It’s coming as a bigger irony if you remember all the fuss about Saddam’s nuclear reactor and the WMD and the continuation with Iran and its cleric dictators. After literally screwing Iraq, this American administration had to compromise on many levels with North Korea to find out in the end that they are selling nuclear knowledge to anybody who will declare anti-American feelings and be willing to pay the high cost of the work to be done. However, more and more countries are trying to get nuclear knowledge with doubtful aims – I’m not saying that Syria is trying to create nuclear missiles, but, then again, can you trust them?

But, who can you trust? Look what happens in general with all these WMD, there are whole groups of really highly-educated scientists working in multi-billion laboratories to discover and produce new viruses that kill humans instead of putting all this effort and money into discovering vaccines and cures for viruses that already exist and kill thousands year after year. Why would they stop in front of creating another bomb?

I grew up in the ’60s when naively they were teaching us at schools how to ‘duck and cover’ in a case of a nuclear war, as if you had any chance of survival hiding behind a concrete wall; we were acting just like the ostrich that buries her head in the sand, and I feel that nothing has changed today. During that period we were all balancing dangerously on the horror of who may pull the trigger first and we are doing exactly the same today with only one difference.

Back then there were only two players, now there are tens with some independents fooling around as well. Syria and Iran don’t do anything different to what this American administration was trying to do by putting missiles around Russia. A Russia that wants to solve too many problems before starting playing war games again and it may sound very simplistic but this is a golden chance to stop all these dangerous games.

I do understand the connection between war and economics and I do sense the games behind the oil prices but obviously some don’t see the reality. The reality has people forced into rebelling violently because they cannot get the basics anymore, because while we are talking about missile umbrellas there are people who can’t afford a plate of rice and they start looting markets to survive. Over the last few months, incidents such as those in Russia are appearing more on the news. So instead of trying to help the 85% unemployed Palestinians, the hopeless people of Zimbabwe and the starving people of Argentina we talk about the danger of Syria building a nuclear reactor and its future possibility of creating nuclear bombs.

How long will it take for us to learn that humanity lives by example? With nearly 3.5 million homeless, nearly 1% of the population and 40% of them children, the only thing we hear from George W. Bush’s administration is more money for security, more money for a still unexplained invasion, more money for a continuing and unexcused occupation. When George W. Bush is talking about democracy while drinking with the Pakistani dictator Musharraf and when laboratories in USA are doing research for more lethal viruses in a case somebody else finds them first, when every American administration the last thirty years covers Israel for having all kind of WMD, including nuclear bombs, why should North Korea and Syria act differently? The USA shows every understanding when Turkey is talking about a nuclear reactor but they have none for the neighboring Syria?

Actually, all these things make you feel really stupid; it is as though every American administration wishes for Syria to create a nuclear bomb so they have a good excuse for more money from Congress to create more powerful and better bombs, more viruses and more destruction. Syria has a dictatorship, not much different from Pakistan, yet Musharraf is a good guy and Asad is a bad guy. However, having seen what each of them did for their country Bashar al-Asad has been a much better Syrian than Musharraf will ever be a good Pakistani.

Syria has every right in energy and producing energy, just like Pakistan with its nuclear reactors and just like Iran and its nuclear reactors. If, in the end, they are going to use them to create nuclear bombs it’s like everybody else, in this balance of horror Pakistan needs nuclear bombs for India, North Korea for South Korea, USA for Russia and Syria with Iran for Israel, which apparently already has one.

Unfortunately for all of them there is one enemy they cannot vanquish with nuclear bombs, it is the starving people who have already started rebelling and when the 3.5 million will be 5 million then they will start rebelling inside the USA also!


Turkish hopes

From the Ovi magazine

Perhaps all these, often difficult to understand, actions of the Turkish establishment and their army will be proved constructive for Turkey’s future one day. Turkey today, whether they want to admit it or not, is somehow the continuation of the Ottoman Empire and this is natural. One of the strong points of this period was the complicated but capable bureaucracy that gradually became a ruling factor for the empire. Very cleverly, Kemal, the founder of Turkey as we know her today, kept this establishment and made it part of the new Turkish democracy.

Everything is semantics of course, but the truth is that Kemal created a state example for the Middle East and the Arab countries and perhaps he looks like a dictator from our side. However, he was a huge step from the Sultan to a President and all that during the times the Ottoman Empire was losing, not only the occupied lands, but also any power and influence on the international scene shrinking to a small country between west and east often balancing between powers and interests.

As I said, everything is semantics and the idea of democracy at the end of the nineteenth century has very little to do with the very same concept at the beginning of the twenty-first century – it was much more a country at the crossroads between Europe and the Arab world, in a surrounding where religion can hold back progress, unreachable places with parts still living in different centuries, some even in the dark ages. Kemal created a circular state with European behavior and orientation understanding that Turkey could not be estranged from her past and traditions, which often meant that he had to use force and naturally nationalism became one of his weapons to keep the country united.

And that was fine for the beginning of the twentieth century but it cannot work at the beginning of the twenty-first century, especially with things changing so fast in the area and the geopolitical interests of the powers shifting from one place to the other or changing; Turkey is one of the countries that paid for these changes. Having borders with the old mighty communist Russia for a great part of the twentieth century became one of the defense points for the Americans and the Americans wanted the state to be governed not by an anti-communist government, but, according to the ’50s dogma, by extreme-right governments, keeping any left voices shut. Apparently the Americans often used Turkey as a banana dictatorship often mixing with the internal affairs to a scary level, especially through the army.

The army played a huge role for Kemal – he was an army man himself, after all – and the army became his stronghold to establish and to preserve his work and the western style of democracy he was dreaming. However, during the years after the death of Kemal the Turkish army evolved just like the Mafia. They became the establishment controlling the bureaucracy and, in extent, the state behind the curtain, which is something often called the deep state.

As I said earlier, they evolved just like Mafia because in the ’80s they began laundering all these funds they were secretly getting from the government and from abroad – remember it was one of the strongholds against the expansion of communism south-east with borders with Russia, so secret services and ‘institutes’ were sending a lot, literally, a lot of money. In the ‘8os came the time to invest this money, it was good timing as well and the army gradually got involved with civilian businesses, with investments that amounted to billions of dollars and profits that escalated in the millions. So now the army, except Kemal’s dream, had other interests to protect as well and they did so in any possible way, such as imprisoning, torturing and killing. The Kurds and the communists were always the good excuse until the mayor of Istanbul became a force they couldn’t stop.

Erdogan was part of the establishment and, simultaneously, he was at the edge of the circular state, a faithful Muslim and proven democrat politician who had great support from the people, people who had got tired of corrupt politicians, so corrupt that some of them, despite their positions in the government, were dealing with drugs and arms sales. Erdogan somehow took them by surprise, they used all the tricks to stop him and he survived to become prime minister with many hopes to be the next president and, to their greatest surprise, he seems to be the only one who can make Kemal’s dream reality. Erdogan put Turkey literally on the European map with their application to become a full membership in the EU – their only hope is also their nemesis.

Things have definitely changed in the west after 9-11, but somehow the west has to show tolerance to the Muslim world and Erdogan became the best way to do it. By defending and supporting a ‘west friendly’ Muslim politician, the west proves tolerance and makes the Turkish army feel even more uncomfortable and Erdogan is cleverly using it to advance towards the army and return them to where they really belong, their barracks. It is time to strip them from all their civilian involvements and return the state to where it really belongs. As odd as it might sound, the only hope for democracy in Turkey is Erdogan and, as crazy it might sound, the man is Turkey’s only chance to keep the country away from the religious freaks that are expanding fast from the Middle East with a …little help from Iran!

How bizarre!

From the Ovi magazine

Dancing the moondance

Michael Jackson sees his career ending and his name vanishing from all the must-invite lists but his music is still popular to all kinds of life as a sea lion proves.

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ovi_bizaar_fugimori_400Falling asleep in the court of crimes against humanity

The former president of Peru Alberto Fujimori fell asleep during the court against him for crimes against humanity. Naturally the judge stopped the court for as long Mr. Fujimori needed it to wake up and they continued when they made sure that he was awake and able to watch the proceedings.

There are no witnesses to tell if he was loud, while sleeping but drooling is a possibility!


Boomerangs return in zero gravity

ovi_bizaar_bumeragJapanese astronaut Takao Doi, on board the International Space Station, has proved that a boomerang returns to the person throwing it even in the zero-gravity conditions of space.

The boomerang experiment showed that when one is thrown in zero gravity, it follows almost the same trajectory as it would if thrown on Earth. If thrown with sufficient force, the boomerang will return to the person who threw it, again matching results on Earth. According to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Doi held and threw a boomerang using the standard technique during the experiment, which he conducted during free time Tuesday in the U.S. Destiny laboratory on the ISS.

The experiment was suggested by Yasuhiro Togai, of Osaka Prefecture, who won an international boomerang-throwing competition in 2006. The results differed to predictions made by Togai, who expected a boomerang thrown in zero gravity to fly in a spiral path, rising above the head of the person who threw it. Togai said, “I greatly appreciate it because it has answered my long-held question.”

Let’s see what else we are going to throw in space! At least this time it was not garbage!


ovi_bizaar_brothel_400Closed cause of lack of customers

One of the oldest …hotels in Hamburg the hotel Luxor is closing down due to lack of customers! The owner of the brothel, Ms Merret, aged 59, said that this is the end of her ones popular place, she was too tired to continue and business is really going back. She added that her place used to occupy ten to twelve girls while nowadays there is hardly work for four!

The business started in the beginning to 1948 from her late father-in-law and it has always been the …family business. She ended saying that her business was special popular between British and Japanese but that was mainly in ‘60s and early ‘70s when the Hamburg port was the European commercial center.

I was thinking for no comment but it is …hard work to keep a brothel!

Jesus in Guantanamo

An article from the Ovi magazine

If Jesus Christ returned to Earth today, would He get through US immigration? After all, Jesus is a bearded, Middle-Eastern man, who wants to die as a religious martyr. And he has just walked out of a cave.

This is the premise behind Jesus: The Guantanamo Years – a one-man comedy show – which entered the iTunes Top 10 Comedy Chart * in Italy, Sweden, Holland, Ireland, Finland, Belgium, Denmark and Japan.

The debut from Dublin comedian Abie Philbin Bowman, the live version of Jesus: The Guantanamo Years proved a sell-out hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Helped by an iconic poster (featuring Jesus in an orange jumpsuit), the show’s overnight success was reported by over 20 media outlets, with The Scotsman dubbing Abie “the face of this years’ [Edinburgh] Fringe”.

Following its triumph at Edinburgh, Jesus: The Guantanamo Years sold-out throughout Ireland and travelled to London’s West End. The show’s American debut was delayed, ironically, because of a hold-up at US immigration. When it finally arrived, the show played to rapturous audiences. “One evening, we had seven Protestant ministers laughing in the front row,” Abie recalls. “I’m glad they enjoyed the show. It would have been pretty ironic if they crucified me.”

In November 2007, Jesus: The Guantanamo Years represented Ireland at the World Performing Arts Festival in Pakistan. The script was changed to include references to the country’s unfolding political crisis, making Abie the only Irish comedian “stupid enough” to perform a religious, political satire in a Muslim nation, under a state of emergency.

Abie attributes the show’s success to its irreverent take on an important subject. “Guantanamo Bay is like a maximum security prison designed by Kentucky Fried Chicken: it has tiny wiremesh cages, soulless uniforms and teenage staff with no other career options.” The Irishman is eager to dismiss charges of blasphemy: “Guantanamo Bay is totally unchristian. I’m not a religious expert, but I’m pretty sure that telling jokes about God is not as blasphemous as torturing His children.”

“Way beyond superficial religious satire… Absorbing, intricately woven, challenging and highly entertaining.” – TimeOut

“The greatest stand-up story ever told… Funny, thoughtful, impassioned…Abie Philbin Bowman deserves a comic sainthood.” – The Stage

“A rising star on the Irish stand-up scene” – Time

* N.B. This chart is updated in real time and is subject to change. As of April 8th, 2008, Jesus: The Guantanamo Years was in the Top 10 Comedy Albums in all the countries listed above.)

Doping kills sport

An article from the Ovi magazine

What happened these days in Greek sport is not new, it is not that it never happened before and it is not that it will never happen again. Unfortunately, it will happen again in Greece, it will happen again everywhere in the world and the responsibility doesn’t stand only on the athletes, if you could call them like that, but on all of us, from the governments to the people who watch sport events on television.

Eleven weightlifters from the Greek national and Olympic team were caught by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and we must realize that this is not a dark moment for the Greek weightlifters but a dark era for the international sports that started in 1952 in Helsinki. Of course there is no proof but everybody involved knows that in Helsinki this embarrassing moment for international sport began and it went on becoming darker and darker.

And now we are months before the Beijing Olympics and apart from all the other issues that kill the Olympic values, doping is the one that will kill the Olympic Games if nobody does something and the Olympic Ccommittee has proved that they are the less abled to do anything about it. They are the ones who have turned the Olympic Games into gigantic money machine. And the athletes? To my opinion they are the victims and they are victims that endanger their lives, most of them have a dramatic end, young and embarrassed regretting their ten minutes in glory and missing the real life.

But let’s start first with the athletes. Just like the Canadian Ben Johnson – does anybody still remember him? – they are young kids with poor backgrounds and no future opportunities; their only chance is either to become rock stars or successful athletes. In the beginning it is just vitamins that help and then it is ‘don’t ask, just swallow!’ Yes these kids are responsible but their responsibility is the smallest in the pyramid. The worst part of it is that these kids pay the outcome; all these medicines and steroids kill! It’s not just a word, they literally kill these people, they die from cancer, they die young and suffering till the last moment. Regrets? Of course, too many but when it is too late!

Then it comes to the trainers and the coaches. They are not into sports; they are businessmen, drug dealers. Very few of them are the innocent and the innocent ones are poor, you can see them. The others know! And don’t stop to the classic athletes. What makes you think that football, basketball, rugby, baseball makes any difference? How it happens the last few years to have so many incidents of heart attacks inside the sports fields? Because they dope them like horses and their hearts cannot stand it.

The states. Of course the states are part of it, they give the money to all the national teams and they are after the metals. Does anybody remember the East German national teams? Women that looked like men from the steroids. It was important the bloody – literally bloody – gold medal for the state. It is important the bloody gold medal for Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, it is important for the Turkish politician. And yes, they know and they don’t care as long many medals will come. Even the most democratic governments are able to give a blind eye and accept any kind of excuses just to turn their back to reality. The Greek government did so a few years ago with Thanou and Kenderis with the result nobody to know the truth. The state made them heroes and they didn’t dare say the truth. Didn’t the Americans do the same with Marion Jones?

The Olympic Committee, this is a laughable topic. The Olympic committee and especially their directors live the high life for life. Royal treatment, private planes and luxurious holidays. The Olympic spirit for them starts and ends with the money they get from the adverts and the money are billions of dollars. They don’t give a damn if China is using like slavery child labor, their problem is how many are going to watch the Olympic Games on television and how many adverts they are going to have. And they know, the president of the Olympic Committee Mr. Rogge despite all the things he says he knows and he is equally guilty.

And then it comes to us, to all of us who just watch the games, all the games without any profit just for the fun of it. They trained us to watch them and expect the records without thinking. Without thinking that 100 meters in less than eight seconds is not normal, is not even logical. They trained us to believe that we watch all these events for the records and not for the joy of it.

Do you know what the major Olympic value is? To participate not to win! That’s why in the ancient times the winner just got a laurel. A wreath made from an olive branch that symbolized in ancient times peace. Is the record going to replace the excitement of the healthy competition? Does it mean anything for us if the athlete makes ten, or eleven even fifteen seconds? We are not chronometers, we just see men and women compete, time is for the chronometers.

All the athletes take drugs and I’m sorry to say it but this is my strong believe. I cannot accept anymore all these records, are not logical. There are two reasons we don’t know and we cannot prove that they all take drugs, either these drugs are ‘legal’ or they are not traceable yet! Nothing else. And they are two solutions, either the drugs any kind of drugs are forbidden or everybody can get them for free, it doesn’t matter anyway. In the first case we all must work together; the second case means the end of sports but it goes there anyway if we continue like we are now.