Mugabe: Africa’s serial killer

An article from the Ovi magazine

At this minute, supporters of Africa’s Hitler caricature, Robert Mugabe show their power by beating people in cities and villages of Zimbabwe, people who didn’t go to vote or people who showed their support to the opposition, even people who were quiet in the name of their family’s peace.

Just like Hitler’s SS teams, police and paramilitary groups that support the dictator and his murderous gang go through the streets of Harare with batons and sticks beating anybody who they don’t like because it has ended up to that – if they don’t like somebody or what he says he’s the enemy of the devilish state Mugabe has created. The incidents are in their hundreds and I’m really sorry but in the next few weeks and months they will be in the thousands; you see, there is a pattern with serial killers. In the beginning they torture and wound their victims and then gradually they start killing making the cycle one of torture and murder. This is what Mugabe and his followers are, and this is the name that can use alongside monsters and enemies of humanity – they are serial killers.

The rest of the world is watching numb while the leaders of the democratic countries are thinking what they can do to stop the massacre. Too late? I cannot definitely answer that but they had all the time to do something instead of inviting him to summits in Rome. I hope Mr. Solana and Mr. Barroso regret every moment of that. Mugabe won the elections is his argument and I’m sure the result will reach the glorious 88% and over. He couldn’t do it 100%, he cannot be so obvious but 75% is a good number and his followers are living the illusion that they have the support of the people and that nobody can touch them. And why shouldn’t they?

The international community, except some, have done nothing. In an article a few months ago I was wondering why, I cannot understand how even neighbouring countries of Zimbabwe cannot actively do something against Mugabe and often I had to face the argument that he fought racism and sent the British away. This is a very schizophrenic situation, the man who was proud of kicking the colonist British away was proud to take a knighthood from the Queen and, at the very same time, he is a man who asked for equality between black and white people, but now he sees anybody even befriending a white as the enemy. But now the enemy is everywhere for Mugabe, and it matches what I said before about a serial killer pattern.

There is no alternative justice anymore and no negotiations for somebody like Mugabe and his gang, and I’m sorry to say there will be no forgiveness between the Zimbabwe people either and this is what saddens me much more. It might be tomorrow, next month or next year but the fall will come, it always comes to people like Mugabe. But how long will it take for the wounds to heal and how long will it take for the people to forget this is another story and I’m afraid it will not come in one day, one month or one year. Revenge is already in the minds of a lot of Zimbabweans and they are just waiting.

But what will happen when Mugabe will go over this thin line, when he will kill the wrong mother, the wrong father, the wrong child and then the first one will ask for revenge? It really takes only one to unite the others and the all the warning from the opposition will become true and another civil war will inflame this part of Africa. And please remember when your neighbour’s backyard is on fire your house is in danger. That’s how Zimbabwe’s neighbours should feel like. The fire has already started in Zimbabwe and we all know who is responsible and they power this fire with batons and long sticks in the neighbourhoods of Harare every minute.

Robert Mugabe, Africa’s Hitler caricature, must go not only for the present and the future of Zimbabwe but for the present and the future of Africa and Mugabe with his gang must go to an international court to be judged for crimes against humanity not only in the name of the people of Zimbabwe, not only in the name of the people of Africa but in the name of the people of this world!


Torturing Aristotle

An article from the Ovi magazine

Is there any way to identify the meaning of the word ‘torture’? I grew up through a dictatorship and I heard unbelievable stories about torturing and methods of torturing, then after the dictatorship and all the cases came to the courts we saw pictures of the victims and their bodies, we heard detailed descriptions and we saw it in their eyes. I even have a friend who went through that during those dark days.

torture01_400But then I have another friend whose father used to beat his mother and lock him sometimes for a whole a day inside a dark closet. My friend in his early fifties and he still has nightmares of that time and when he left home at sixteen he never returned, he never spoke to his father again and, according to him, the best day of his life was when his mother left his father. Isn’t this torture? What’s the difference or what’s the distance between the two cases? I know I have too many questions but honestly I don’t know the answers. For me is just inhumane!

I have seen with my own eyes what torture means in Sudan and Sierra Leone, I saw torturing in South Africa and I saw victims of torturing in Chile. One night a very good friend of mine, a lecturer in the University of Buenos Aires, who was a political prisoner during the dictatorship, opened her heart after a few drinks and started telling me what she had gone through. In the beginning there were tears but after a bit the tears became sobs and then when she started telling me about the rapes the sobs became silence. Then I was in tears. Her words were torture for me who was just listening, who never went through the same things.

When I was fourteen the dictatorship’s police arrested me as a suspect – you see on top of everything I had long hair something that didn’t go down too well with the ethics of a dictatorship – for two hours I lost every sense of where I was and what was happening to me and the only sensation I had left was the taste of blood in my mouth. My crime? I was walking in a street at the wrong time! I’m serious, that was my crime and straight away I became a suspect, that’s how dictators think and until my family found out and until they come to save me I had two broken bones and a face you could hardly recognize that it was mine. And I was just …fourteen! That’s how dictatorships think!

torture02_400For years a family friend lived in real hell with a husband who never touched her in the sense beating her but living in constant sentimental blackmails that reached her life and the life of her own kids. The worst part was that she could never talk about them, just having to live her hell, full of threats and mental violence. Is that torturing? I don’t know and the longer I’m thinking more and more cases coming to my mind. I can only sense that torturing is not only the visual but there are many kinds even the sentimental or the blackmail, it’s all torture and it’s all inhumane and painful.

Oddly 2,500 years ago Aristotle pointed that any confession coming through torturing should not stand in any court, 2,500 years ago and in 1987 the United Nations signed a treaty against torturing to get a confession. In the year 2008 we have Guantanamo!!! We obviously learned nothing! And did they use torture all through history? The states did, the kings and the lords did, the bandits did and criminals did, dictators and warlords, even the churches did. The Inquisition, they made torturing science. In a museum in Spain I saw for the first time an iron maiden, not the rock group, and only the sight of it was enough to scare you so much to confess just anything not going through that.

And there are states that still practice torturing, George W. Bush’s administration has even legalized them in Guantanamo, I’m not joking, the water torture is consider a normal practice to make terrorism suspects to confess. Aristotle didn’t know anything about George W. Bush back then, he only knew about democracy, poor chap! What remains? For me to apologize to my ancient compatriot, if he was still alive most likely he would be victim of torturing as well!

Mugabe must go

An article from the Ovi magazine

Zimbabwe’s opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai announced that his party is pulling out from the elections stating that this election will not be fair and free, yet he automatically hands victory to the Africa’s unbelievable Hitler caricature, Robert Mugabe!

What else could he have done? I have no idea, but others including the UN and South Africa leaders as I have often pointed in the past, could have done many things. Disappointment? No, there was no way out of what was going on in this poor country and her people, with the other option was to go for an election with a predefined result, humiliation and the risk of the lives of his followers. That’s Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, and that’s what has become international responsibility.

International responsibility, instinctly and while I was writing this I was smiling. Think of what happened before the invasion to Iraq. The American president and the British prime minister spent hours and hours telling us that a vicious dictator had to end and it was the responsibility of the whole world to do that. It was international responsibility to save the people of Iraq from the dictator and gone far enough to call the sceptics of this invasion cowards and talk about the old and tired Europe. Should we expect now the same people do something similar? Should we expect this time the United Nations to join? After all it is for a humanitarian cause! Or this little element that missing from Zimbabwe and Iraq had will not let them move their ass? Of course you guessed right, I’m talking about oil!

There is no oil in Zimbabwe; there are no diamonds or uranium! There are beautiful valleys and farms, a lot of farms and most of all there poor people, really poor people and who gives a damn for the poor people but when it comes to oil tycoons, sheiks and caliphs they ready to ignore even the UN! But we should know, it has happened before and it was with Iraq all again. When Iraq invaded Kuwait all the world was ready within hours and at least for me it is a question why they didn’t finished the job but when Turkey invaded Cyprus apparently using exactly the same excuses nobody moved but again Cyprus might be a beautiful island for holidays but it doesn’t have any oil! So we won’t bother with Zimbabwe!

Mugabe’s Zimbabwe is hell on earth with gigantic inflation and the people with opinion either in prison or dead. For Mugabe there is only one reality ‘my way or the graveyard!’ – what’s then the reality for the alliance against evil? If you have oil we can save you if you don’t just …die? By the way George W. Bush has another six months to prove that everything said about Saddam didn’t stop there but it can apply to Mugabe as well. There is no difference between those two even though to my opinion Africa’s caricature Hitler is worst!

The final cut for Morgan Tsvangirai was what happened last weekend in Harare where his party had organized a rally in a central stadium and followers or better accomplices in crimes against humanity of Robert Mugabe gathered with a lot of help from the army, the police and Mugabe’s paramilitary groups; all armed ready for a warm welcome. So it is not anymore a case of democratic dialogue, is not a case of talking is a case of gang of murderers ready to do everything just to keep their seats and it is simple as that. Is just like gangster protecting their territories.

Mugabe must go and it is the turn of the international community to do something about it, increase the pressure and stop inviting Mugabe for dinner like stupidly Barroso did a few weeks ago. Mbeki, the president of South Africa and Ki-moon the General Secretary if the United Nations must increase radically the pressure, Mugabe must go!

Latest news from Zimbabwe: Morgan Tsvangirai has spent a second night in the Dutch embassy while Ki-moon and Mbeki decided to get actively involved with the situation

The challenge

An article from the Ovi magazine

Living in the EU I have seen refugees for decades coming not only for a better future but for the simple reason to save their and their children’s lives and the bitter truth is that in the beginning of the twenty-first century the refugee reality becomes more and more challenging for all the world.

refugees01At this very moment more than forty million people all around the world have become refugees escaping from their homes, roots and countries because of violence and persecution and this doesn’t include a lot more millions that were forced to immigrate due to economic reasons. In contrast with the economic immigrants who are aiming the industrial west, refugees are often forced to escape anywhere as long they can survive away from their home violence and most of time anywhere is better than home.

refugees02_400And it is not only a civil war, warlords or a dictatorship the only reasoning, homosexuality is punished with death in most of the Middle East and Arab countries with Iran championing. And it doesn’t stop in the dark dictatorships, in Turkey to say anything about a Kurdish state or against the army means imprisonment, in Zimbabwe if you don’t agree with Mugabe you are an English spy and you endanger your life, in the ‘secure’ Iraq people sleep with a gun under their pillow.

People nowadays due to expanding information are more aware of their rights and rightfully they demand them, often having to face with a hard and injustice state. So you find people asking for the refugee’s status from the most surprising countries. The same time waves of refuges have to deal with local xenophobia and sometimes racism with latest example the embarrassing events in Soutrefugees03h Africa. The role of the hosting states becomes increasingly serious as well having except provide shelter and protection but to advocate and help to build a new life and this is were all the challenges start.

The role of the UN and the Refugee Agency is critical since they are oblige to make reality all the above, lead and help the host countries and most of all put a blueprint for all the government to secure health, education and protection for the refugees.

What we have to understand is that these people didn’t have a choice; the alternative to their fleeing would have been their life. And I have no idea how bold to make that for everybody to understand it, to tell you imagine living the circumstances that led them to their action is nothing to the reality they lived. Just think that 30,000 kids die every single day with the majority of them victims of wars and conflicts; just think what thousands of other kids have seen while our kids were playing in the park or at the seaside.

I don’t know if there is anything else to say but give a chance to these people who had none in their own homes.

Perhaps a cancer in Europe

An article from the Ovi magazine

There is something that I have often emphasized, that Africa or south-east Asia are very far away in our minds, much more than they are in reality, and we have connected the embarrassing acts of our times, like human and drug trafficking, with these corners of the earth. The connection is not entirely unfair since a lot happens and there are states like the dictatorship of Myanmar that champion human and drugs trafficking; actually, the dictators of Myanmar hold the record in both ‘sports.’

There is a saying that the camel can see the other camel’s back better than hers and somehow I have the feeling that the same comes to Europeans, we can see the ‘camel’s back’ with the African countries but we cannot see it when it happens with a country inside the European borders, a country that has been accused more and more from NGOs and organizations for human trafficking, women and children and an uncontrollable drugs trafficking. The accusations go as far as the prime minister and his inner circle, or better, say his family, since governing and family has become the same thing in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Actually, more and more countries talk openly nowadays for the situation in this country and what will happen after Kosovo will be recognized as a new democracy.

FYROM has a lot of open issues with Kosovo whether they like or not and the whole dispute with Greece, while they know that they are wrong it has nothing to do with the reality that their state is in serious dangerous to fall in non-existence in the next ten years. The borders with Kosovo are not very clear and the Albanians have dreams about the land – lands that don’t include the name FYROM. Does Nicola Gruevski, FYROM’s prime minister know all that?

Of course he does and what happened during the elections between the Albanians in FYROM was enough to make him worry, that’s why he has turned to blind nationalism, that’s why he threatens all around. But the thing is for how long this policy of self-delusion is going to continue and not to forget the other element of the equalization that keeps him in place of the Bush administration. You see, I was really careful not to use the Americans because with the end of George W. Bush administration a lot of the mysterious plans in the Balkans are going to be terminated. The word ‘mysterious’ was accurate since nobody knows what this temporary, yet best in size, American army base is doing in the area.

Suspicions? A lot! After all, the American secret services have proved often in the past that they can cooperate even with the devil himself if that serves their interests. Perhaps between Kosovo and FYROM is based the alternative, even darker Guantanamo. Perhaps the American secret services can pretend to be blind when women and children are sold like slaves and drugs change routes. Perhaps it serves when the responsible traffic policeman behind all this is accidentally the prime minister’s favorite cousin and head of the secret police. Perhaps in exchange he turns a blind eye for all that happen with the rumored planes that land with prisoners. Perhaps all the talking in the Albanian villages in FORUM is not lies! Perhaps this country is doomed by its own actions and choices.

That would explain Gruevski’s rush for FYROM to become a member of NATO and that would explain Bush’s support, CIA interest and Rice’s hysterics. When Greece vetoed this membership I’m sure it had no idea of what would soon come out, perhaps there were rumors but now these rumors have expanded into reports that increasingly become more chilling and the way Gruevski practiced democratic elections last month reminded more of a dictatorship and one of the worst kinds.

The dramatic thing is that this all happens in Europe not Africa, not in south Asia and the hypocrisy of the whole thing is that Gruevski will dare the coming December to apply for an EU membership. EU was pretty sensitive when Austria elected for chancellor somebody known for his extreme-right opinions, now is time to practice this sensitivity with FYROM showing to Mr. Gruevski that there is no place for his kind in Europe and all the human and drugs trafficking is a total embarrassment for the EU and must stop yesterday, this cancer that has grown in Europe must be terminated now!

Japan’s environmental worries

An article from the Ovi magazine

Whatever logic I use I cannot understand it when countries like Japan seriously announce that they are going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60 to 80% but all that by the year 2050! This is two generations from now and I presume my grandkids will be adults and me …well long dead!

I’m not trying to be dramatic, after all if you spend a couple of hours in the internet searching environmental issues it is enough to scare the shit out of you and start planning a shelter for you and your family, or better start praying to whatever you might believe. I think the truth is not exactly there but it is not half way either. I believe that we still have time to do something; we just need to listen to the experts and follow their advice without any hysterics and neurotic reactions. There is a problem and the last five years it has been obvious even to the nonbelievers that it’s a fact. There is responsibility for all the environmental problems we have and this responsibility is collective to all of us, from the single house hold and the way we treat our immediate environment to governments and of course international economic interests. That’s another fact!

Solution; well, this is the part I don’t feel so sure and the main reason is that the scientists haven’t manage to analyze the exact damage and calculate the timing. When the tsunami hit south Asia we were all shocked and we all pointed the responsibility of the human factor to the event. That didn’t mean that it was the first time we had a tsunami, I think Lisbon is one of the European cities that has met the catastrophic effects of a tsunami. What changed everything was the unbelievable loss of human lives. Tsunamis happened before and they will probably happen again, the thing is that in the beginning of the 21st century the loss of tens of thousands of lives is unexpected and unexcused. What caused this loss of life it was not the tsunami itself, it was the lack of natural defenses and this is a fact. It was not the lack of natural defenses but the lack of artificial ones as well. The local governments instead of protecting their own people gave license to open more and more hotels destroying an environment that was able to defend itself under any circumstances and it has done before.

Look what happens in the rain forest in South America. Cutting the forest doesn’t destroy the environment, destroys first of all the lungs of the earth regarding filtering the air – it is funny but this is one of the things we learn from our very first years at school, trees filter the air – but these rainforest do something far more important, they are natural defenders before natural catastrophes. Or better natural catastrophes are the result of lacking natural defenses. New Orleans is the best example, don’t tell me that the biggest scientific and material power in the world didn’t have the right warning and the right equipment to prevent the catastrophe, they were just ignoring that with every new meter of concrete they destroy a meter of natural defenses.

What I’m trying to say is that our responsibility as humanity for the destruction of the environment and the coast of thousands and thousands of lives is huge and the sooner we realize it the better. We are not causing tsunamis and earthquakes but with our actions we are responsible of the human loses. And who is the best to put some rules, who is more than any other responsible to put the blueprint so we can prevent these catastrophes and this loss, the state, even better the international community represented from the UN.

Now the state has a dual role, to listen and decide which means experts advising and experts decide, politics have no room in these decisions. Actually politics was what led to those wrong decisions, politics was what made states give license for cutting the rainforest, politics was what let all this uncontrolled building areas that should be protected, politics and in extent greed was what build all these factories without any care for the damage they bring in long term. The destruction of the ozone layer is another example of this, nobody took an axe destroying the ozone layer on the earth sky, what we did it was destroying its defenses and now we are called to repair the damage. And we can do that as I said without hysterics and with a program. But this demands an active support and leading role of the states especially the ones who have the activist role in this destruction.

Don’t worry I’m not going to blame all to the industrial west, all the states have their responsibilities. Is not the industrial Europe responsible for the destruction of the rain forest it is mainly the local governments leading the Brazilian government that even now with the populist Silva sells out the last defenses of the earth to the big forest companies for just a few dollars more. The African governments have their share when they became the backyard of the nuclear waste for all the industrial countries all around the world and that …for a few dollars more. The Asian government that decided in one night to compete the industrial west using humans as slaves and ignoring any security warnings. And yes, the industrial west that seen the results of their action inside their countries they are still thinking how to react.

Japan is a beautiful and overpopulated country; I know, I lived there for a period and I learn to love this country. But in the name of the industrial revolution a country without materials, that has to import nearly everything stormed in the industrial area conquering everything but with what cost? They ignored the environment including the humans as big element of this environment. They tighten their future and their survival with the economic growth and their industry and now they have no way to escape from this path. Changing route will mean changing a way of life that has become their nature the last century. Amazingly a nation that loves so much nature, apparently worships nature has become so depending from artificial surroundings. That’s a nation that totally lost their path and they need to find their way back.

The new Japanese Prime Minister Yasho Fukuda shows that he misses the point as well. I’m not sure if that’s because of politics or because he really has forgotten and the tragic thing with the Japanese politicians is that they all stand on the need of return to traditions while they fly further and further away from the traditions that created the Japanese nation and the nature they love so much to give names from the nature to all their women.

Next month the G8 meet again and this time environment is the main agenda. The Japanese prime minister tried to show that Japan is there strong and ready to do her part. After failing the Kyoto protocol I think that this is hypocrisy and the year 2050 without any hysterics seems too far away and I’m afraid that the same way the Japanese prime minister forgot how it was to enjoy the clean nature it will be the same for my grandkids who will think that a picnic in the fields and living without an asthma mask is something ancients used to do!

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Chavez: The next American Idol

An article from the Ovi magazine

When everybody was talking about Venezuela’s Che I was a bit sceptical! When everybody was talking about the Venezuelan economic miracle I was wondering and when the Spanish king told Chavez to shut up I was relieved.

Nobody knows what would have happened to Che if he was alive and the myth of his death created an icon the size of a rock & roll star; but judging from his brief life, the things he said and the things he did, I doubt if he would have become a relic like Castro. Che always put humans before anything, including ideologies, and you might think that I am being romantic but I feel that it is sacrilege to compare Che with Hugo Chavez.

Hugo Chavez often makes me feel like he’s coming out of a reality show called the “American Revolutionary” where all the scenery and the scenario are inspired from Woody Allen’s film Bananas. I even went so far to read a couple of his speeches to find out that a big part of them didn’t make sense. He’s a populist who is ready to say anything so long as the audience will scream his name happily. Of course giving petrol in ridiculous prices, especially to the poor, and the ones who needed it is good and if you put aside the greediness of the oil companies there is a reason for putting taxes on the petrol. The money the states make supposedly goes back to the people by creating schools and hospitals, but please don’t tell me that Venezuela has solved all these problems – do they have enough schools and perfect hospitals? I think Venezuela is far from having a good education and health system.

And then there is another catch that holds me back when it comes to Chavez, the man is always too ready to protect and demonstrate about USA and the EU, emphasizing their lack of respect to the poor and defenceless. He’s talking about human rights and Guantanamo, yet at the same time he’s building his own Guantanamo. Venezuela hasn’t manage to champion human rights, on the contrary, Hugo Chavez found himself a lot of times having to excuse his actions with the opposition, the students, the workers and a number of other issues but his latest decision with the law for spying he definitely touches the limits that will turn him from a controversial leader to a dictator.

His excuse was to guarantee national security, prevent assassination plots and military rebellions. Leave aside the national security excuse, it has been used so many times and for so many reasons that it has lost the meaning; in the end we will hear even bin Laden talking about Afghanistan’s national security and we will not be surprised. Prevent assassination? From the very beginning Hugo Chavez has shown signs of persecution mania and with a little help from CIA’s war games it turned into an obsession. The thing is how far it goes his feeling that he is an assassination target and how far it goes his problem in see enemies around who want to kill him.

Don’t forget that we have another contemporary example of a leader who sees enemies everywhere who try to kill him, Africa’s caricature Hitler Robert Mugabe. And Mugabe has taken it one step further, first he accuses his victims for being English spies that follows with the accusation of assassinations against him – it will end with a dead body in the wild. Is this the path that lies in front of Chavez?

And where does this enemy and spy identity stop? For a man with a persecution mania anybody who’s opposing him can easily become a spy, an instrument of the enemy and in this case anybody can be the enemy depending on the mood. In Mugabe’s case just everybody who opposes him is an English spy. This new law also demands from the Venezuelans to cooperate with the secret services and the police into unveiling enemies of the state and spies. But we have lived the same much too often in the past where a personal dispute was enough to lead people in front the firing squad.

Last, the excuse for military rebellion really made me laugh because it definitely has the flavour of South American banana dictatorship threats and I think it was mainly for internal use warning Venezuelans, it is either a military junta or me!

The next crime of the Myanmar junta

An article from the Ovi magazine

If anything could get worse in Burma – or Myanmar as the dictators like to call the country – it just did; in the middle of a cyclone, literally and metaphorically, they announced that they are going to extend the pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s house arrest!

To suppress the political and civil rights of the people is one thing but to fail them while a natural disaster happens and show how naked you are is a totally different thing. The cyclone found a country not prepared for any natural disaster, especially worrying since Burma is a country in the danger zone for earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones, and the victims were in their thousands. Hundred of thousands because it is not only the people who died but also the ones who lost everything, it is the people left without a father, mother or a brother, there are the people who lost their homes and, as I said, these people count in their hundred of thousands.

So what’s the very first obligation of any state, even a dictatorship like the one that rules Myanmar? Reassure people that there is hope; make them feel that apart from any ideological difference, behind any corruption and crime, there are humans who cannot leave fellow humans dying, including people who might support them. This is exactly where the Myanmar junta failed and more people died. Hundreds, thousands more people. Under international pressure the junta was forced to accept the help that was being offered from everywhere.

I have the feeling that nobody understood what I just said; actually, I’m writing it again because I found it difficult to believe it myself. After the cyclone hundred of thousands of people lost their homes, they lost everything, even the ability of a plate with rice and some milk for their kids. People started dying and the situation was becoming critical with international organizations warning for thousands of dead, especially kids because of the lack of food. Naturally, all the countries from all around the world, even countries that survive with help abroad, started loading aeroplanes and ships ready to go to Burma and help the people, and they could start straightaway if the junta hadn’t stopped them. The criminals that rule this poor country, the drug dealers in army uniforms, most likely thought that the rice was poisoned with democracy!

Yes, they stopped all the aeroplanes, they stopped all the help, they stopped all the food and the milk for Burma’s kids because their minor brains are full of … I’d better not write it! The international pressure kept piling forcing them in the end to accept all the help but still all the help had to go through their office stamped as made and offered from them and then driven to the people. How many kids died in the meantime is a mystery and I hope we will find out soon so there will be a stronger case when it comes the time for the court. How much of this help ended in gangsters’ stockrooms, how much of this help is sold from these gangsters on the black market is another mystery but it did happen. After all, we are talking about a gang of criminals and drug dealers that rule the country, people without any conscience, people who murder and have lost count of how many they have killed.

But again, the democracy virus might have managed to go through, you just never know how their micro brains work; so they should do something about the face that represents any hope for the people of this country, Aung San Suu Kyi. And what they do? They extend her house arrest and put in prison a few people who tried to meet her and give her some news from her dying country.

What is left? The international community saw first-hand how they can press the junta and they saw first-hand how they can scare them, France at least had a taste. The next thing the people of Burma need after rice and milk is freedom and a coordinated strong reaction from all around the world can do it. Now everybody knows that these men in uniform that rule the country are common criminals the worst type, it is time to send them where they really belong, in a dark cell to rule mice and spiders!

Don’t let it be

An article from the Ovi magazine

Kids live their darkest times, not that they ever lived any better times since they have been the victims all through human history, but what they have to deal with today in the beginning of the 21st century with all this social and scientific advance is nearly unbelievable. Paedophilia is nothing new and has existed since the beginning of history and in some times it was not even a taboo and a crime, the use of kids as slavery is something that we saw even at the beginning of the last century, crimes with kids as the victims are immeasurable from the beginning of history. But we thought that humanity evolved.

And when I’m talking about evolution I don’t mean the physical or the technical evolution of the society but the social evolution where humanity became better and more aware of the environment as a wide meaning. Actuality and environment, where humanity realized the crucial part it plays and its role in this gigantic chain for survival, should evolve to something better. Respect to others’ rights didn’t even exist two centuries ago and it was a case of personal honour and ethics; nowadays there are laws to protect human rights and most importantly to protect the defenceless, much more to protect the kids. But what happens when the ones who are oblige to protect the innocent and the kids turn to be the bad wolves?

A leading UK charity organization, the organization Save the Children, accused peacekeepers in Ivory Cost, Sudan and Haiti for sexually abusing kids as young as six-years-old. The dramatic part of it is that this is not the first time peacekeepers have been accused for similar cases and it still remains to find the truth what happened in the former Yugoslavia and the many places the peacekeepers where based and there is a lot of talking for similar accusations.

A thirteen-year-old girl has already described in an interview how ten UN peacekeepers gang-raped her in a field near her Ivory Coast home and I quote her own word, “They grabbed me and threw me to the ground and they forced themselves on me… I tried to escape but there were 10 of them and I could do nothing. I was terrified. Then they just left me there bleeding.” Despite her testimony and recognizing her tormentors no action was taken against the soldiers. When the UN was informed and received a full report from the organization including a series of testimonies the answer was that they will study the report …closely!

According to the same organization, the testimonies they managed to collect were very few even to give an idea of the reality since most of the kids are scared to report anything in front the authority of the UN so the majority of these crimes go unpunished giving the criminals a chance to repeat their crime again and again. The UN spokesman, Nick Birnback, said to international media that it was impossible to ensure “zero incidents” within an organization that has up to 200,000 personnel serving around the world. “What we can do is get across a message of zero tolerance, which for us means zero complacency when credible allegations are raised and zero impunity when we find that there has been malfeasance that’s occurred,” he added.

I’m really sorry but I find his excuses very poor and sad. It’s pathetic if we excuse crimes like that blaming them on …human nature and I demand a better and more careful evaluation for the peacekeepers from the UN and the responsible officers. These people are not just soldiers, they are ambassadors of peace and arguments like …zero instincts have no room here but in a mercenary army out of a Rambo film! I’m not going to go after Ban Ki-moon, the UN General Secretary, I thought from the very beginning that he was the wrong person for the seat and unfortunately he hasn’t proved me wrong; but the act and the UN’s reaction probably shows that there is something seriously wrong with our society where we can excuse acts like that arguing about human nature.