Flu of misinformation and hypocrisy

An article from Ovi magazine

Conspiracy theories are not my thing and I have to admit that I always laughed at most of them. After all, turning to conspiracy theories means that you’re having problems accepting logic, ignoring how crazy any theory might sound. Back in the eighties when HIV AIDS stormed into our lives, especially when the first celebrities were caught in the storm, conspiracy theories blossomed. CIA had created the virus and lost control; there was even a laboratory somewhere in the USA that had created the virus as a lethal weapon against gays. Everybody seemed to forget that even cancer has existed throughout history, but doctors only identified it the last three centuries, and started focusing on it and doing research.

Humanity has experienced a lot of illnesses throughout history, many of them lethal. Illnesses often also became the focus of superstition, for instance the plague was blamed on Satan and heretics during the medieval period, instead of the lack of hygiene in the growing cities. Recently, Robert Mugabe, Africa’s caricature Hitler, blamed British intelligence for the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe, instead of his own inability to help the people with basic needs such as clean water and food. The common factor in these cases, and I suppose in the majority of all cases, is not any kind of conspiracy theory, but the lack of necessary action. With this I mean distributing the right kind of information to deal with the problem – which points directly at the states and this is not … a conspiracy theory!

There is no conspiracy theory behind the swine flu and scientists have, often cynically, used their logic to explain in detail how the flu started and how it expands. They have exhibited studies and statistics that are not new – there is nothing new about swine flu – and they have explained defences and all that with the help of the World Health Organization, WHO. Doctors have been warned and informed on local levels, and most of them are prepared to deal with it. But despite all the information, people have stopped eating pork, and the number of flu victims is increasing internationally, adding one dead in USA and twelve in Mexico.

When I wrote that people have stopped buying pork meat, I was not joking. Actually the US Government, joined by Russia, China and another fifteen countries, have imposed restrictions on pork products imports from Mexico – I suppose you never know what a well made pork chop might give you. The best of all was when American Vice President Joe Biden said in a televised interview that he would not let his family fly by plane or be in an enclosed public place, like a cinema, while this thing is still going on. Biden’s interview was broadcast in the news all around the world. I saw them in Finland, and especially these comments gave the message that if the American vice president prefers to keep his family indoors to protect them, I better not move from my room!

The swine flu, according to most scientists, is not lethal, and I trust they know what they are talking about. Its lethality depends on the prevention and treatment of suspected patients, as well as the patient’s immune system. But apart from babies and very young people, or if somebody has serious problems with their immune system, swine flu is not the only enemy. So here we have, once again, misinformation and mishandled situations, from the very people that are obliged to protect us from exactly these situations, leading us to widespread panic!

Because how is anybody supposed to react to Biden’s comments and the American administration’s restrictions on import of pork products from Mexico, if not with panic?

The Mexican government correctly demands explanations from the governments of the states that put on these restrictions. The Mexicans are demanding explanations based on a scientific basis, highlighting the fact that consumers are not likely to check the origin of the pork steak or pork sausage they buy from the supermarket – they will just quit buying any pork product! Amazing! The EU on the other hand, tries to be clever by using marketing tricks and changing the name of the flu from swine flu to …a novel flu virus! Wow, that will definitely solve all the problems! Personally I have to admit that I have never seen a sausage or a pork steak sneeze at me, and if I ever see that I will definitely start believing that aliens have taken over the main governments and that together with Hoover they are all responsible for J.F. Kennedy’s assassination!

What the World Health Organization has failed to protect us from is the flu of misinformation and hypocrisy!


American stories

This is an article published in the last issue of the Ovi magazineOvi lehti
Have you seen the film ‘Escape from L.A.’? It’s a John Carpenter film and sequel to ‘Escape from N.Y.’, which has the same style and the same star. In this case, L.A. has been turned into a prison after an earthquake separated the city from the mainland.

After moving the capital from Washington to his home place, the president of the USA, who looks more like a dictator in the film, sends drug addicts, alcoholics, people who say their opinion, homosexuals, AIDS carriers, red meat eaters, smokers, people who don’t like his face and the list is endless to this island prison. Does this ring a bell?

I have always thought that the American administration was there to defend the rights of every single American – it doesn’t matter if they agreed or not. Actually, I always thought that the American constitution is one of the most inspiring constitutions regarding the protection of individual’s rights. If you haven’t read it, do it now, you can easily find it online or in libraries.

In this very same country things seem to change in a way that doesn’t exactly respect this constitution. In the beginning it was the abortions case. There are plenty of cases where abortion is not just a moral question. Rape victims, something that the USA is quite familiar, 204,370 were reported during 2003/04 – pay attention, they were reported, nobody knows how many were not reported.

A percent that reaches 40% are underage victims. Just think of it. Do you expect these women to continue a pregnancy if it happens? What happens to these kids will constantly remind them of the most horrific time of their life or do you think a rape is like falling from a chair? Here I brought only one argument, I think the most obvious but there are plenty more to prove that you can not make abortion illegal but it is the individual’s right to decide.

The next step is the commitment of the president to stop gay marriage with his one and only argument that a family consists of a man and a woman. I have gay friends and I assure the American president that they are much nicer couples, more dedicated to each other than most of the heterosexual couples I know. Since when does the expression of love become an issue of law? What’s the next step, making homosexuality illegal? From the minute you accept that all your citizens are equal with equal rights you must accept their differences as well, otherwise you don’t have a country but a computer game.

The American administration refused to vote for the increase of money going to the UN’s office that helps AIDS victims, but I suppose in their little brain they only think homosexuals get AIDS, so what’s the best way to get rid of them, let them die from AIDS. Shocking?

According to UNAIDS, 1.1 million kids are orphans in Zambia because their parents died from AIDS, 90,000 of them are carriers of HIV positive. George Bush’s vice-president’s daughter is openly gay. In the last American presidential elections 4% of the voters were openly gay, 25% of them supporters of George W. Bush.

Surreal as it might sounds, the people who totally agree with George W. Bush are the mullahs in Iran, the Taliban in Afghanistan and Bin Laden! The good news? Obviously senators do read the American institution and stopped George Bush, so nothing passed and the gays can still consider a family in the USA. The bad news? This little word, ‘still’, since till the elections I’m sure that George will try again. Please somebody give him the American constitution to read.

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Ovi copycats

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…hmmm.Ovi magazine is so popular that Jone Nikula (former Finnish Idols judge) is using the same name on his forthcoming new free magazine.

Whether Jone was influenced by Thanos Kalamidas and Asa Butcher’s Ovi was not mentioned in their Press Release, but he will certainly become aware of the fact over the next few months.

The original Ovi has been an online magazine for 14 months, has published 14 issues and the name has become synonymous with our style. According to international web measurements, Ovi magazine, the only e-zine from Finland, outranks many Finnish monthly and daily magazines, in Finnish or English.

In addition, we have been presenting a weekly radio show under the name ‘Ovi Bad Boys’ for nearly four months. The show name is announced every week in the Helsinki Sanomat radio programme section and we talk about Ovi magazine, interview guests and promote events for the foreign community.

After all the expense and effort they have done and will do, they will find that they are coming second and advertising another magazine that might not be their style! From our side, the only thing we have to do is remind them that there are European laws protecting copycats and fourteen months of successful history gives us a good advantage.

We will be sending this mail to all the media (including Ovi magazine network of blogs, forums and sites) nationally and internationally to ensure that people know that this free magazine has nothing to do with us.

If Jone Nikula or anybody connected with this Ovi impostor wishes to contact the original Ovi, please email info@ovimagazine.com

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